[BIO-09]The synthesis of Ser68 phosphorylated CENP-A

Background & abstract,
Scheme of synthetic route.

Five peptide preparation,
Native chemical ligation between CENP-A-1 and CENP-A-2,
Native chemical ligation between CENP-A-3, CENP-A-4 and CENP-A-5 on solid-phase,
Native chemical ligation between CENP-A-3, CENP-A-4 and CENP-A-5 in solution-phase,
Native chemical ligation between CENP-A-1-2 and CENP-A-3-4-5,

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[BIO-08]Chemoselective peptide stapling via side chain-to-side chain Ser/Thr ligation by development of the crypto-salicylaldehyde ester

Herein, we report the development of side chain-to-side chain Ser/Thr ligation for chemoselective peptide stapling, via utilizing benzofuran moieties as the crypto-salicylaldehyde ester and hydroxyl lysine or Dap-Ser dipeptide as the hydroxyl amino functionality for ligation. We have successfully synthesized three stapled inhibitory peptides with varied length of linkers targeting PSD95 GK domain, showing great enhancement of α-helicity, target-binding affinity and cell-penetrating efficiency.

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[ANAL-30]A fully automated methodology for endogenous tyrosine nitration validation and localization

We applied rPTMDetermine to (1) perform fully automated validation steps for modified peptides identified from an in silico database and (2) retrieve potential yet-to-be-identified modified peptides from raw data (that had been missed through conventional database searches). In part (1), 99 of 125 3-nitrotyrosyl-containing (nitrated) peptides obtained from a ProteinPilot search were validated and localized. In part (2), an additional 236 unique nitrated peptides were retrieved and localized, containing 113 previously unreported nitration sites; 25 endogenous nitrated peptides with novel sites. we harnessed the rPTMDetermine strategy to complement conventional database searching and enhance the confidence of assigning rarely occurring PTMs, while recovering many missed peptides

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